The following are real comments from real Clients:
The process with IMP was quite foreign to begin with.  

There was an unbelievably thorough analysis of my situation (even before I had committed to use them).  This showed me that they really wanted to get everything right before I made any decisions.

Then I got something I have rarely had before; impartial and totally unbiased advice that was solely in the interest of benefitting me.

The knowledge and advice that I got from Craig and the Team helped me enormously and even some tough love from Craig at a critical moment saved me from some potent hardship.

Overall, an amazing and unique service that I wouldn’t even consider doing any other way now.

Kane S. – Jul 19 – Home Buyer

Craig and his team at IMP helped us with the purchase of our first family home. We found them via recommendation from Scott Pape, 'The Barefoot Investor'.  The potential for truly independent advice without compromise was important to us.

We could not be more satisfied with the service we received from the outset. IMP made the sometimes difficult and tedious process of securing a loan about as easy as we can imagine it being.  They listened to our requirements and provided options. They communicated clearly, quickly and worked on a tight timeline to achieve our settlement.

IMP's process and the report provided stands apart from other brokerage services we've used.  Their business model might seem like a scam or something too good to be true.  Having now received our first commission payment back from IMP we can guarantee they walk their talk.

We would have no hesitation recommending IMP to anyone seeking a home loan. 

Ian and Elizabeth I. – July 2019 – First Home Buyers

We are returning clients and can highly recommend IMP for a number of reasons:
Their recommendations are truly unbiased and in the client's best interest. They operate with integrity.
Craig and Kara and the rest of the team worked very hard behind the scenes to make the loan application process as smooth as possible.  Apart from supplying the necessary documents there was actually very little for us to do.

We were very aware of the fact that lenders now exert due diligence in the light of the findings of the Royal Commission into Misconduct in the Banking, Superannuation and Financial Services Industry.  Many delays and seemingly nonsensical or inappropriate queries by lenders were handled by IMP in the background.

We are sure it would have caused us a lot of despair and frustration had we have to deal with lenders directly.  It is probably this aspect which makes their service priceless.
The analysis reports that IMP provide are clear and explanatory.  We find that the analysis reports are an ongoing valuable resource with information on a particular loan after settlement.
Jan & Angela G. – May 2019 – Returning Clients - New Home Purchase

My wife and I couldn’t be happier with the service we received from Independent Mortgage Planners!  The mortgage was researched and set up without any fuss, and we got a better rate than anywhere else on the market potentially saving us tens of thousands of dollars over the life of the mortgage. 

Thanks again for all of the help you have provided, I have since recommended you to several friends who are in the market for home loans.

Phil D. – March 2019 – Owner-Occupied Purchase

This was the first loan for both myself and my wife which we thought was going to be a daunting experience, both unfamiliar and foreign to us. We however, were lucky enough to have used Independent Mortgage Planners (IMP) for our loan, and their attention to detail made the whole process much easier to understand and reassuring. 

Both Craig and Kara from IMP provided us with constant correspondence, updates and feedback in relation to our loan process and I genuinely feel that we were able to get the best loan available to our personal situation. I would (and have been) recommending their services to family and friends, and will continue to do so. 

We are very thankful and will definitely use IMP in the future.

Mitch and Amy L. – December 2018 – First Home Buyers

Craig and Kara worked extra hard to find the best loan for us and they kept us up to date throughout this process.

We appreciate everything they have done for us and would recommend their services to anyone.

Lander and Kate R. – October 2018 – First Home Buyers

We have had a few home loans over the years using different mortgage brokers.

This year Craig at Independent Mortgage Planners was recommended to us. We trusted this recommendation and asked Craig to complete an analysis for our loan refinance.

Although the upfront fee seemed a bit daunting at first we can already see that we will soon have made our money back, and anything extra is a huge bonus to help pay off our loan quicker.

So, we were offered an amazing rate and fantastic commission rebates but most importantly outstanding service. Craig and Kara genuinely have your best interest at heart and we will continue to use them in the future and recommend their service to others. 

We are so thankful to have come across Independent Mortgage Planners!

Jack & Larissa C - August 2018 - Investment Property Refinance

I was anxious buying my first property. We seem to hear a lot about property from media and friends – however, nothing really prepares you for this big life changing decision.

I have spoken to a few brokers – all referred to me by friends, but I couldn’t understand why they would give me good advice when I give them no incentive (I’m not the one paying!).  Soon I found that the advice they gave was the same as my friends who referred them.

I have decided to do something that none of my friends have done – go independent and pay for it!  The best decision I have made in – you get what you pay for and Craig and his team are great at explaining every little “fine print” and all gotcha’s that no one ever bothers with.  At the end I got a mortgage that suits my needs at a good rate.

Definitely coming back next year!

Luke L – August 2018 – First Home Buyer

We cannot show more gratitude to the team at Independent Mortgage Planners led by Craig Morgan and Kara Burrows.

Given our lack of experience and knowledge, IMP went above and beyond and with thanks to them we were able to secure our first home loan at a rate far more competitive than we ever thought.  In turn we were able to secure our dream home and could not be happier!

We have learnt a lot from this experience and would highly recommend Independent Mortgage Planners to anyone regardless of their circumstances. IMP approach was warming and made stress free. The team were always there for us to answer and explain the 1000's of questions we had. An absolute pleasure.

We would also point out the amazing (no brainer) value in acquiring the services of IMP. The commission rebates keep coming which has paid for the IMP fees plus even more dollars in our back pocket.

We have told many people about our experience with Independent Mortgage Planners and will no doubt be acquiring their services in the future. Thank you so very much.

Sebastian. C & Stephanie. M - August 2018 - First Home Buyers

I have used independent mortgage planners for all of my loans over the last 5 years.  The service is excellent and I know I am getting the best deal in the market. 

The rates have been so much better than I can find and so much so I now just leave it to them as they have proved I can’t do better myself.

The independent nature of advice is something I value.  I would much rather pay fee for service than the opaque remuneration model and commissions that other brokers operate under.

Independent mortgage planners rebate all commissions from the bank back to me. The upfront rebate more than covers my fees and the monthly trailing commissions that are paid into my account are extra payments helping me pay off the loan faster.

They make the application process so much easier by knowing what banks really need compared to the many questions that they ask.

I would never use anyone else.

David P.  May 2018.  Returning Client.  Owner-occupied & investment loans

I chose to use Independent Mortgage Planners for a second time as I was very pleased with my first mortgage that they arranged.

Craig and Kara were just as good the second time around.  They listened to what I required and found a couple of products that best suited my needs.  Craig helped me decide which one would work best and I wouldn’t hesitate to use them again.

I would thoroughly recommend them to anyone who really wants independent mortgage advice.

Richard H.   May 2018.  Returning Client.  Investment property purchase

IMP is absolutely the real deal!

Initially, I was a bit concerned as it's hard to know whether or not the business is legit, especially since they have a very different offering compared to other brokers, and everything operated remotely via phone and email.

Coming out of this home loan journey, Craig and his team have been nothing short of outstanding and their services far exceeded my expectations. Working with IMP to get my current mortgage has been the most thoughtful, thorough and prompt experience, and certainly miles ahead of any other mortgage broker or banker I have dealt with in the past.

Commission rebates aside, I'll be his client for life and will have absolutely no hesitation recommending him as a mortgage broker to my friends and family. Within a couple of months, I've recouped the brokerage fees and even came out on top financially.

Charmaine T.   March 2018.  Refinancing and purchasing another home

I have used the services of independent mortgage planners twice.

I also used the services of a similar mortgage broker for 2 other investment properties.  I am therefore in a good position to compare between brokers.

I can honestly say there is no comparison between independent mortgage planners and the other broker. The communication was excellent from Craig, he got me an excellent competitive rate, I got my rebate paid promptly and there was minimum back and forth request of information which the other broker required.

Also, independent mortgage planners is actually independent- as a result I got the best deal that suited my needs.

I will be using Craig and his company 100% to refinance my other properties and would highly recommend his services.

Tim O.   December 2017.   Returning Client.  Investment property refinance

I spent a lot of time trying to find a truly independent broker; something that is extremely rare in the Australian market where brokers have an incentive to push a narrow range of products, and those which pay them the highest commissions.

IMP's fee-based model with full commission rebate means there is no conflict of interest, and they have access to all products in the market.

I found Craig and IMP to be everything they say they are - independent, aligned with client interests, and able to find deals not advertised to the general public.

I've recommended friends who have been equally impressed, and won't hesitate to use them again.

Ed K.   June 2017.   Refinance owner-occupied home

The most valuable decision we made in the house-purchase journey was choosing Independent Mortgage Planners.

The financial benefits were made very clear in the thorough analysis and it was far beyond what any mortgage broker had offered in the past.  I believe they act with integrity in all facets of their work.

Kara was tenacious in getting answers from our bank and went out of her way to follow up with bank managers and conveyancers who were less than prompt. Even in the face of the QLD floods, which affected our bank, Kara got the approval in time and the bank won our business. 

We delight in recommending Independent Mortgage Planners to our nearest and dearest.

Jess & Greg M.  April 2017.  Investment property purchase

We initially used IMP to finance our home loan, and we were very happy with the result - please see my earlier testimonial. Not only did we avoid a loan that was potentially (and quite likely) not going to suit our personal circumstances, we also benefited from having the lowest possible cost over the 30 year period by a significant amount. On top of that we were paid the commission that the broker normally pockets (for tying us to a loan that would likely benefit him more than it benefits us).

As we were considering our first investment property we thought that, given the relative small size of the loan, it might not be as worthwhile paying IMP's fee as there wouldn't be as much of a trade-off. We were looking at it the wrong way, and once we were shown the total cost of the benchmark loan against IMP's recommendation there was a huge difference between the two. 

The value is more about the loan they recommend, and secondary is the commissions. We have since settled our second loan using IMP and will have no hesitation in coming back again.

Thank you, Kara and Craig, you're both amazing!

Simon & Belinda C.   February 2017.  Investment property purchase

We are so happy to recommend Independent Mortgage Planners after using their services on our beautiful first home.

Our circumstances where not the best, but they went above and beyond to make our experience not only the best but very easy to understand.

They were very professional throughout the whole process and I couldn’t recommend or talk more highly about Kara Burrows who helped us throughout the entire process.

If you are looking for a long term, easy understanding, professional experience Independent Mortgage Planners are the way to go!!!

Chloe J.   October 2016.   First home buyer

After doing much research online we were lucky enough to come across Independent Mortgage Planners.

IMP listened to our specific requirements and provided us with unbiased, accurate and trustworthy information. We were well guided through each step of the process and regularly updated on the status of our loan application.

We initially chose IMP due to the financial benefits of the upfront commission rebate and ongoing trailing commission rebates, however the high level of service and attention to our needs was the most memorable part of our experience.

Paul T.   October 2016.   Home purchase

Thank-you so, so much for all that you have done to help with getting this mortgage organised.  We settled yesterday and have the keys in our hot little hands.

We are beyond impressed with the level of service and support that you have provided us over the last few months and are singing your praises from the rooftops - hopefully we will be able to refer you many of our friends in the near future!

Jackie B.   July 2016.   First home buyer

Refinancing my mortgage with Independent Mortgage Planners was the best thing I could do for myself financially. I never realised how much I had been paying unnecessarily in monthly interest by going through a traditional broker who had selected a loan that was not in my best interests, and then pocketed thousands of dollars in commissions. 

Now after refinancing my loan I receive those commissions myself. Independent Mortgage Planners were able to assess every possible loan on the market to find the best one for my needs. I would totally recommend their service to anyone applying for a loan.

Anne B.   August 2016.   Refinance owner-occupied home

We are happy to recommend Independent Mortgage Planners after using their services on our first home.

They were very professional and it was great knowing the deal offered was the best for us instead of wondering what was in it for the broker.

The rebate of the upfront commission was taken off our mortgage shortly after moving and it feels fantastic to know you are taking the best possible steps to ensure you can be mortgage free sooner.

Independent Mortgage Planners are the best choice for people who can see beyond the short term and are keen to get ahead in life.

Simon T.   April 2016.   First home buyer

Thank you very much again for all of your help with getting the settlement finalised on time, we're both very grateful. I have personally been so impressed with your business model, depth of knowledge, and level of service that I've already recommended your services to half a dozen people, including our real estate agent.  I'm now one of your biggest advocates.

I was actually commenting to my wife over the weekend that if we'd gone through a broker we more than likely would not have got the loan we wanted, given our profile, and by the time we'd gone through the process and found this out it would've been too late to change. Your process in examining our personal circumstances and then matching that with the loans was invaluable.

Simon C.   March 2016.   First home buyer

After shopping for loans and doing research on commission rebate brokers, we were happy to find Independent Mortgage Planners.

We found that they listened and understood what our requirements and needs were and were confident that they could help!

We feel that our situation presented many hurdles and challenges which Kara and Craig (the team) handled with professionalism and courtesy!  Our loan was approved and we feel we received the best possible mortgage that suits our needs on the market today!

I would recommend that anyone who has or needs a mortgage should speak with these guys before moving forward with anyone else.

Richard H.   February 2016.   Home purchase

Independent Mortgage Planners provided us with unbiased advice and connected us with a great loan for our needs.

The team were professional and patient with us throughout the loan establishment process and all of these things combined resulted in a great customer experience from our perspective.

A company that truly operates with independence and integrity. We would gladly recommend your services to others.

Chantel M.   February 2016.   Refinance existing home loan and equity release

I have really appreciated working with you and your trustworthiness has gone a long way in restoring my confidence in some aspects of the financial merry-go-round. 

I shall certainly recommend you to anyone looking for a loan. I have been extremely happy with our outcomes, like the transparency of the system you promote and have at all times felt that you were looking after our interests. 

Thank you once again for your efforts on my behalf.

Lois D.    October 2015.   Refinance investment loans

IMP work along with & for the clients needs;  professional;  with amazing cash back rebates of IMP's commission's to pay off the loan.
Essa S.   October 2015.   Investment loan refinance

I would like to personally thank your Company Independent Mortgage Planners for their speedy method of working and also getting me my rebate commission within the prescribed time as promised without being paid their legal fees on the due date.
This company is the only company I have come across so far who did not hold back my loan process or the rebate commissions for non-payment of their fees which was finally paid a couple of months later.
Thank you once again!

Razia S.  June 2015.   First home buyer

I used independent mortgage planners to secure a loan on a $1.65M property.  The service was excellent.  I secured a great rate in which the bank manager of the branch was surprised I got. 
I received the full initial refund which was quite substantial a few weeks after settlement and I get a monthly follow up trail.
I would recommend independent mortgage planners anytime.

Tim O.   February 2015.  Investment loan