Apart from the peace of mind that comes from knowing your Mortgage Broker is acting in your best interests, the benefits of independent advice can be very significant financially in two key ways:
  1. Unbiased Product Selection.  By conducting a thorough analysis and providing an unbiased recommendation of the home loan product that shows the lowest Total Cost of the loan over your nominated timeframe.  On an average sized mortgage we regularly see interest savings of tens of thousands of dollars over the life of a home loan product we recommend when compared to a home loan product that has been recommended by another Mortgage Broker as supposedly "the best deal for you".  For a simple example of this - please refer to our Case Study titled: "First Home Buyers and the Aussie Mortgage Broker".
  2. 100% Commission Rebates.  This is probably the most obvious part of what independent mortgage advice entails.  Because we rebate 100% of our entitlement to both upfront and trailing commissions directly off the principal of your loan (or into an offset account if you request us to do so) your loan is paid off faster and you can save tens of thousands of dollars in interest and fees.  On average we see projected interest savings of 10% or more of the initial loan amount.  For example, on a loan of $500K that's a potential interest saving of $50K (or more) even if you had managed to find the exact same home loan product that our detailed analysis identifies.
Our analysis is impartial and unbiased.  Basically - it’s just a whole bunch of detailed (and boring) maths.  But the amount of interest you might save is far from boring.
As it is extremely rare for any of our Clients to have already selected the home loan product that we recommend - almost all of our Clients benefit from both of the above interest savings.  And all of our Clients benefit from at least one of the savings identified above.  In fact - we have processes to ensure this happens and a written Guarantee.  Please see our FAQ Page for more information.