Referral Partners

Our Referral Partners include independent Financial Advisers and Accountants who walk their talk and place their Clients' best interests ahead of receiving conflicted remuneration from Banks or mortgage brokers.
If you're reading this and your current Accountant or Financial Adviser has an "in-house" mortgage broker or is referring you to a Bank or traditional Mortgage Broker ask them why.
Most importantly - ask them whether they're receiving commission kickbacks - and why they aren't putting your interests ahead of their own.
We believe they have a responsibility to act in your best interests - so speak up!
Of course, if you're reading this and you are an Accountant or Financial Planner who is looking for an empowering mortgage service for your Clients we'd love to hear from you.  Please feel free to call or complete our Enquiry Form.
Why establish a referral relationship with us?
Hopefully the answer to that is self-evident and guided by your own moral compass.
Over and above the demands of your personal ethic it is an 'advertisement' to your Clients that you act in their best interests in all regards (not just in your own area of expertise).
While APES 230 and FoFA have been dramatically watered down - if you find yourself aligned to the consumer protection goals originally drafted - then we sit as the only service in Australia that allows you to fulfil around that with regards to your Clients' home loan needs.
Here are the highlights of our service:
  • Your Clients will remove Home Loan debt faster and pay less in interest fees & charges without having to make extra payments because .... 
  • We work on a fee for service basis and we rebate 100% of our commission entitlements into your Client’s Loan - not into our own pockets
  • On average your Clients will save 10% of the principal value of their home loan when compared to the same loan accessed from a Mortgage Broker or direct from the Bank
  • No restriction on Lenders we can advise on ~ including all of the Major Banks
  • You maintain the primary relationship and protect your Client database from the pervasive "cross sell"
  • We are Australia's only truly independent mortgage broking company.  We meet (and surpass) the requirements under NCCP Act s160B - independent, impartial, and unbiased