Mortgage Brokers

An opportunity to provide truly independent mortgage advice and prove that you are acting in your Clients' best interests

If you're not yet working as a Mortgage Broker, or you have left the Industry, and you're interested in starting your career (or re-establishing yourself) as an Independent Mortgage Adviser - then please  click through to our Starting Out as an Independent Mortgage Adviser Page for information relevant to you.

Existing Mortgage Brokers please review the following questions and see the link at the bottom of this Page.

  1. Your WHY
    Did you become a Mortgage Broker because you genuinely want to help people obtain the best home loan for their unique circumstances, goals and objectives?
  2. Best Interests
    Do you believe that you act in the “best interests” of your Clients – but are frustrated that you can’t legally make that claim?
  3. Independence
    Are you running what you believe is an “independent” (or “independently-owned”) mortgage broking business – but you are annoyed that you can’t legally refer to yourself as “independent”?
  4. Compliance Burden
    Are you frustrated that too much of your time goes into compliance activities and increased paperwork that ultimately adds no value to your business or for your Customers?
  5. Unnecessary Costs
    Are you annoyed at the unavoidable fixed costs of running your business - PI Insurance, Licensing Fees, EDR Scheme, MFAA or FBAA Membership etc - all of which add little value to your business?
  6. Loan Processing Requirements
    Are you concerned at the amount of time you spend processing loans – or the cost of having additional staff or an outsourced solution – rather than investing that time and money growing your business?
  7. Want a Solution?
    Would you like a solution that addresses all of the above - and allows you to become an Independent Mortgage Adviser - someone that assists Clients to engage with truly independent mortgage advice?
  8. Want to know it works?
    Do you want to be sure that experienced mortgage and compliance professionals – with proven track records - are taking care of all the other details?
If you’ve answered a resounding “Yes” to all (or even most) of the above – please read more on our Independent Mortgage Adviser Page.