Do you have access to the same Lenders and Loan Products as other Mortgage Brokers?

As outlined elsewhere , because we are the only independent Mortgage Broker in Australia we have no restriction on the Lenders we are permitted to research on your behalf. 
Not all Lenders will accept introduction of loans from what is known as the ‘Third Party Channel’ (Brokers) and therefore not all Lenders with whom we can potentially assist you will pay commissions.

Lack of commission has no impact on us because we never keep any commission anyway - but it means that we don't have any commissions available to rebate to your home loan and assist you to lower the cost of your mortgage.

Nonetheless, we still analyse Lenders who don't pay commissions to Brokers because they often have more competitive interest rates than those who do pay commissions.  We often refer to these Lenders as "direct", "discount" or "internet" lenders and you've almost certainly come across some of them as part of your research.

When it comes to those Lenders who do pay commissions – because we have no restrictions placed on us - we can safely say that we have access to more Lenders than at least 99% of other Mortgage Brokers (and probably all of them).