How can I pay my loan off sooner without making extra repayments?
This is a key question!
It is important to note that the only way a loan can be paid off sooner than its scheduled term is for extra amounts to be paid off the principal balance of the loan. 
There have been many questionable marketing campaigns and websites that have attempted to convince people that certain loan products or programmes can allow you to pay off your home loan sooner without making extra payments off principal.  But we know those claims are simply false and misleading.  And the Regulator (ASIC) agrees - having taken enforcement action on numerous occasions.
So - how can we make this claim?
The unique component of our service is that you don't need to make additional payments off the principal - because we do it for you.
By rebating 100% of our commission entitlements directly off the principal of your loan we are assisting you to reduce the debt faster and saving you significant amounts of interest.
Please note that you can, of course, make additional repayments yourself in order to get out of debt sooner.  In fact we encourage you to do so as your circumstances permit.
But the important point is that the indicative savings on this website - and presented in our Analysis Reports - assume that you don't make any extra repayments. 
That is, all of our calculations show the effect of our commission rebates - without you making any extra repayments.