If you don’t get commissions how do you make money?

We call this the “what’s the catch?” or “what’s in it for you?” question. Both are good questions.

We charge a fee for service - very much like your Accountant or Solicitor does. That is, we undertake certain work on your behalf and we charge a fair and reasonable fee for doing so.

We believe this ‘user pays’ approach is fair and equitable. The good news is that because we have access to Lender commissions that are rebated to you – our service essentially pays for itself many times over. 

Refer to our Commission Rebates Page for an estimate of what your savings might be.

Note that our fee for service is the same regardless of the size of your loan. The reality is that larger home loans generally take no more time or effort (often they actually take less).

Contrast this to a typical Mortgage Broker who:

1.    Gets paid more if you are borrowing more (and therefore has a vested interest in you taking on higher levels of debt);

2.    Gets paid trailing commission based on the outstanding balance of your loan (and therefore has a vested interest in you staying in debt for as long as possible); and

3.    Gets paid trailing commission (that you ultimately pay for) for up to 30 years even though they only write the loan once and may not even have spoken to you since.