What guarantees do I have that I’ll be better off using your service?

At the end of the day your unique situation is what it is and we have no control over that. Our responsibility is to undertake a professional analysis of whether your situation can be improved.

However, we don’t see any benefit to you (or ultimately to us) in having you engage our services and pay our fees unless there is a clear benefit to you in doing so.

To protect you we undertake the following steps:

1.   Upon receipt of your information we undertake an initial review of your data and desired outcomes. We do this prior to raising an invoice on our accounting system;

2.   Only after we have a reasonable basis to believe that a positive outcome can be achieved do we raise an invoice for your selected service;

3.   Where it appears unlikely that we can achieve your desired outcomes we will advise you of the reasons why.  No invoice will be raised and you will not owe us any money.

Finally, where you already have a home loan – or where you or another Mortgage Broker have already identified what you believe to be the best home loan for your circumstances (what we call the Benchmark Loan) – we offer a Replacement Advice Guarantee - which states (inter alia): 

if our analysis of your unique situation fails to identify a replacement Loan Product together with commission rebates where applicable which can improve your situation over the Benchmark Loan, having included the cost of our service, by the end of the 3rd year then we will give you the opportunity to exit from this Agreement without cost.