First Home Buyers

At the end of the day First Home Buyers need to be aware of exactly the same processes and considerations as anyone else buying property.

But as the term clearly implies – this is your 1st time.

So – three very good pieces of news:

  • We are very experienced at helping First Home Buyers through all the steps that come along with buying – and financing – your 1st home.  You can refer to our Testimonials Page for review from other First Home Buyers;

  • Even though we know that First Home Buyers will normally need significantly more guidance and assistance than some of our other Clients we still only charge you the same fixed fee for service – meaning that, in effect, we provide a wealth of additional advice and assistance pro bono; and

  • We take the view that you can’t blame anyone for “not knowing what they don’t know” – so you’ll find that we’re patient and thorough with any questions you may have.

As a First Home Buyer you need to read the following Fact Sheets:

You also need to read the following Fact Sheets if they apply to how you intend to buy your home:

Finally, there are a range of other Fact Sheets available that discuss various loan features and the considerations as to whether they are right for you.  You’ll find them on the ‘Learn More’ drop-down menu.

Of course, we’ll also gladly help you with any advice you need – so if you have any questions please Contact Us.

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