Mortgage Fulfilment for Independent Financial Advisers

We have an established programme where truly Independent Financial Advisers can be appointed under our Licence as Authorised Credit Representatives.

Important Note:  we adopt the definition of “truly independent” as outlined in the IFAAA Gold Standard of Independence – but we do not insist that you are a Member of the IFAAA.  That is entirely a decision for you and your business.

Overview of the Opportunity

  • A natural complement to wholistic financial advice & money management coaching.

  • Great lead generation for prospective Clients who are 'mortgage-focussed'.

  • Allows you to embed our processes and service into your existing business.

  • Most Clients' biggest goal is freedom from debt - position yourself as their partner in achieving this goal.

  • No licensing fees are charged – there is a simple revenue split in place.

  • Additional revenue stream that helps to insulate you from Financial Planning 'risks'.

  • You do not need to attain any Lender Accreditations, join any additional Associations etc.

  • You will need to attain a Certificate IV in Mortgage Broking (or equivalent) to meet ASIC requirements.

  • All research, detailed Analyses, and production of Client Reports is undertaken by our ‘Super Back Office’ and under our PI Insurance and EDR Scheme Membership.

  • Our work is undertaken remotely - meaning you remain the only 'face' for trusted advice.

  • Our Super Back Office also handles the production of Pre-populated Home Loan Application Packs to your Clients and processes the loan transaction through to settlement and beyond.  While you will be kept up to date with major milestones you will not be distracted with 'playing mortgage broker'.

Ask us about speaking with one of our current IFA Associates if you’d like to hear their 1st hand experiences.

This is a genuine, and seamless, opportunity for you to provide truly independent Mortgage Advice alongside the independent Financial Advice you’re already providing.

It also allows you to be safe in the knowledge that we are acting in your Clients’ best interests and that they are protected by our Fee Guarantee.

Put simply – if your Clients aren’t in a position to make a ‘profit’ by using our services then we don’t charge a fee.

If you’d like us to contact you about this opportunity please complete our Enquiry Form.