Do you offer a face to face service?  If not - why not?
We believe these questions come about because of the way "things have always been done". 
But to paraphrase Einstein "If you do things the way you've always done them, you'll get the results you've always got".  We know the results people get from their mortgage broker or bank are just not good enough - so we are different by design.
We’re also conscious that there’s a bit of a “trust issue” that motivates requests to meet face to face.  To reassure you on that front please consider the following points that explain there really is no risk to you:
  • Our company has been in operation as a mortgage broker for well over a decade (since May 2004).
  • We hold an Australian Credit Licence issued by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC).
  • We are Members of an ASIC-approved External Dispute Resolution body.
  • We are fully insured – holding Professional Indemnity Insurance for $6M.
  • We aren’t handling or investing your money.  We’re simply analysing your situation and arranging a home loan.
  • You don’t pay us until after we have completed the significant majority of work on your behalf (generally following Formal Approval of your Loan).
  • We never receive your commission into our bank account.  That flows via a “non-trading” Commission Clearing House and then directly to your home loan (or offset account).
  • We’ve never missed making a commission rebate to our Clients.  You could imagine if we ever did it would be disastrous for our good name and completely counter-productive.
You can read more on the About Us Page or at other Pages on the FAQ drop-down menu.
So - we do not offer a face to face service.  The following are the key reasons why:
  • We offer our Services Australia-wide.  We simply aren't scaled to have representation in every suburb, town or City. 
  • We know some of the biggest mortgage broking groups do have representation around Australia - but we have absolutely no interest in following their lead.  If we kept the millions of dollars in commissions that they do - we could scale that way too.  But we'd rather act in your best interests and rebate 100% of the commission.
  • If we chose to even try to have offices in all of the major Cities we'd need to (at least) double our fees.  That means you'd be paying at least double for exactly the same outcome.  That just doesn't make sense to us.
  • Using smart technology and offering our services via phone, email and internet means significant cost savings which are passed onto you by keeping our fees extremely competitive.
  • Here's the big one that we think a lot of people miss.  Do you really need another meeting in your already hectic schedule?  Would you rather have to schedule another face to face meeting - get it in your diary and your partner's diary - realise that you don't have all required information or documentation immediately to hand - meet again - etc OR - simply sit at your PC at a time of your choosing (maybe even with a glass of wine in hand)?