About Our Service

Much of this website is, as you would expect, dedicated to providing information about truly independent and unbiased mortgage advice.

However, as the amount of other information has grown over time – we thought it might be useful to provide a Fact Sheet that contains an overview of our service offering and approach to impartial mortgage advice.

The links from this Page will allow you to easily find further information.  Each link should open in a new tab or a new browser window so that you can easily navigate back to this Page.

Put very simply - we ensure that you get a better home loan deal –

We do this by:

  • Entering into a contractual obligation to act in your best interests (no other mortgage broker or Lender does this as it is not a legal requirement)

  • Providing independent, impartial and unbiased mortgage advice – we suffer no institutional ownership, influence or bias

  • Having the knowledge, experience, and systems to provide expert mortgage advice

  • Removing all other conflicts of interest

We are unique!   We are different by design!   Beware the impostors!

Important Note:  if, for any reason, (and subject to you providing complete and honest information) we can’t support your goals and objectives, or we can’t identify a genuinely lower cost outcome for your home loan, you will pay us nothing. 

See our written Guarantee!