We are Australia's only truly independent mortgage brokers.
Our skills and capabilities include:
  • Unbiased selection of empowering mortgage products
  • Assistance with the elimination of personal debt
  • Assistance with ensuring risks are protected and/or minimised
  • Assistance with recycling debt to allow investment into growth assets
What is Independence?
Independence has three very important connotations for us: 
  • It is testament to the fact that our Mortgage Planners do not receive commissions from Lenders and are therefore able to act solely in your best interests as they are free from 'commission conflict'.
  • It enshrines the fact that we are not owned or controlled by Institutions nor are we influenced by the Bank-dominated Aggregators & Industry groups.
  • It promotes to consumers that they are dealing with an independently-owned and operated business that does not have any artificial constraints on the Products it can access on your behalf.

About Independent Mortgage Planners - the Company
Independent Mortgage Planners Pty Ltd is the only Australian Credit Licensee that meets the legal criteria to be able to claim to be independent, impartial and unbiased.
The company has been in operation since 2004 and trading as Independent Mortgage Planners since 2011.  Taken together with our commitment to independence and the highest ethical standards ~ this track record is testament to a strong company with the necessary industry experience and knowledge of 'trade secrets' to act in your best interests.
Our service may appear similar to that offered by so-called pro-consumer Mortgage Brokers, cash back Mortgage Brokers, or commission rebate Mortgage Brokers.  But none of these others are independent and none can validate claims to act in your best interests.  See our Beware the Traps Page for more information.
We are also similar to Borrowers Agents in that we are working for you, the Borrower, and not for the Lender.  The advantage we have over the very small number of Borrowers Agents in the marketplace is that we are still entitled to Lender commissions.  But we take those commission entitlements and rebate 100% back to you.
Independent Mortgage Planners is the holder of an Australian Credit Licence Number 421998.

We are Members of the Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia and are Associate Members of the Independent Financial Advice Association of Australia.
Other Information
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